John Stezaker

John Stezaker claims that his work is very political. I don’t agree. I think it’s very inspiring and it really makes you question the celebrity culture and beauty norms but I don’t find it political in the radical way he’s describing it himself. They way he uses collages actually makes you see the images clearer that the usual sepia-toned classical beauty we see all the time. It’s rather ingenious.

He was a part of the Situationists International movement during the 60’s and took part in the legendary student demonstrations in 1968. Anyone calling for a general wildcat strike has the right to call themselves radical whenever they feel like, in my humble opinion. In the 70’s he was one of the first conceptual artists to break free of the dominating pop art, and since then he’s kept a very clear profile in his work and his art has been exhibited all over the world.

The main reason why I picked John Stezaker of that list is because I’m a big fan of  Pete Kennard. Pete Kennard is brilliant. Since Pete and John went to the same uni (Slade University of Art) at the same time (1960’s) I figured that John couldn’t be half bad if they’re both doing collages as well. I thought they’d be pretty much the same person. Can confirm, though, after a bit of research that they are not the same person. Glad we got that sorted.

I’ve tried to do reasearch for this entry but it’s been close to impossible to find anything on John Stezaker. I haven’t even managed to prove he exists. Therefore I’m concluding that there is a possibility that he don’t. Or that he’s working under a pseudonym. Or that he’s a group of people working under a pseudonym, like some people claim Shakespeare was. All I know for sure is that he’s definitely NOT Pete Kennard. I’ve made an image to illustrate this. Enjoy.




One response to “John Stezaker

  1. Alicia,

    A good effort. I’m not sure where you got all your facts from. The SI were a French movement and Stezaker was definitely a British Artsist and it’s the Slade School of Art not University. There is lots of information available about Stezaker, there is a catalogue from his recent show at the Whitechapel and both Tate and Saatchi have entries about him. He definitely does exist – I’ve attended a talk!

    Anyway I like your easy writing style and your list of sources for text and images is good. I would love to see a few direct quotes though.


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